GH Fabrications design and manufacture a full range of overcasts. All our overcasts were conceived with ease of transport, both to site and underground, and overall to simplify installation whilst keeping safety front of mind.

By using a larger RHS section in the panels, we have eliminated the need to use roof and wall braces, thereby minimizing risk to staff. Installation is faster and easier, simply lift the roof panels into place and drop the wall panels down and bolt in the predrilled holes. Airlocks can also be fitted to overcasts if required.

Portal Frame Overcast’s

Our portal frame overcasts are, as the name suggests, simply two uprights connected across the top, meaning no wall or roof braces are necessary. This design significantly reduces installation time and the safety risks associated with accessing the structures roof to install roof braces. The overall design is deceptively simple; the roof panels are hinged to the wall panels, meaning you simply position the roof panel into place and drop the wall panels down.

Our portal frame overcasts are modular in design and are available in unrated, 2 PSI rated or 5 PSI rated designs.  All rated designs are certified by an engineer.

Unrated Purlin and Iron Overcast

Our unrated purlin and iron overcasts have a simple and lightweight design. Consisting of a C Purlin frame clad with corrugated iron, they have adjustable legs are completely kitted with all the components necessary for easy installation.

​Rated Sloped Sided Overcast

Another overcast we fabricate is a Sloped Sided Overcast, and as the name suggests, the walls are set out or slopped. This design gives the added benefit of additional room to pass under the overcast and significantly reduces the force of the air against the walls, allowing the air to flow up and over the angled walls with ease.

​Rated Splayed Overcast​

For times when your cut through is on an angle, we have designed a Splayed Overcast. This design still has the standard roof and wall panels, but the end panels have been angled to suit your roadway dimensions and angles.