Man Access Doors

We manufacture a full range of Man Access Doors, from different styles to different sizes and in unrated, 2 PSI rated and 5 PSI rated. All doors come in a range of standard sizes; 1-meter square, 1500 x 1 meter and 1800 x 1 meter

​Rated Man Access Door

Our Rated Man Access Doors come complete with a sliding air relief panel as standard, this panel can also be used as a regulator and locked open at five different increments if needed.

Lightweight/Unrated Man Access Door

Are unrated Man Access Doors are constructed from lightweight material, in the same standard design and sizes as all of our doors just from lighter material for use in low pressure areas.

Sliding Man Access Doors

After processing customer feedback, we developed a Sliding Man Access Door. This design allows the door to be opened much easier than a hinged door as you are not trying to open the door against pressure, you just slide it along. An additional safety feature of this door is that it will not slam shut on the person as they are trying to climb through, as can happen with the hinged door. Another benefit is their use as a regulator, as the door is fitted with a guide drilled with incremental holes that allow the slider to be locked off where required.

Man Access Door to Suit a Flexible Stopping

Due to high customer demand, we developed two man access doors to suit a flexible stopping.  The doors are self-supporting and have flange around the outside for bolting onto the flexible stopping.




Concave Man Access Door

Another door we have developed to suit our customers needs is our Concave Man Access Door.  A center hung pivot design door that allows for easy opening and self closing.

To see how easy the door is to operate, please watch the video below.