Mining Fabrication

Leading specialists in the design and fabrication of ventilation control devices used in underground mines in NSW, QLD, and WA, each of our products are designed for easy transportation to the mine, underground and boast simple assembly.

We manufacture a full range of doors, man doors to hydraulic machine doors, overcasts and ancillary devices.   All of our products are certified by an engineer.



We manufacture a range of Airlocks designed for your specific needs and to suit every style of overcast we supply, ranging from an unrated lightweight style through to 5 PSI rated.

Ancillary Devices

At GH Fabrications we manufacture an enormous variety of ancillary devices, let us know your requirements and our highly skilled team will manufacture it, on time and on budget.

Bobcat Doors

Wide range of single hinged opening Bobcat doors

Coffin Seals

We manufacture Coffin Seals to suit your supplied structure. Coffin seals are used in underground coal mines to keep the area around the conveyor belt sealed.


We design and manufacture a huge variety of hatches to suit each customer’s individual needs using a range of ratings from unrated, 20 PSI rated or 50 PSI rated, with your choice of back door and to suit your wall size.

Machine Doors

Our Machine Doors are available in unrated, 2 PSI rated or 5 PSI rated. All doors are fitted with a sliding relief panel which can also be locked off in different increments so it can also be used as a regulator.

Man Access Doors

We manufacture a full range of Man Access Doors, from different styles to different sizes and in unrated, 2 PSI rated and 5 PSI rated. All doors come in a range of standard sizes; 1-meter square, 1500 x 1 meter and 1800 x 1 meter


GH Fabrications design and manufacture a full range of overcasts. All our overcasts were conceived with ease of transport, both to site and underground, and overall to simplify installation whilst keeping safety front of mind.


GH Fabrications manufacture a complete range of regulators, all designed to suit each customer’s specific needs. Our Machine Door Regulator is a standard machine door frame with adjustable louvered regulator blades.

Stairs, Ramps & Ladders

We provide a range of different options able to be used with any of our overcast structures.