Environmental Policy

G H Fabrications Pty Limited is committed to carrying out its normal business activities while having regard for all relevant environmental aspects at all times and with the view of minimising the impact of these activities on the environment. Our environmental impact is of paramount importance to us because of our position backing on to the wetlands.

G H Fabrications Pty Limited recognises the importance of:

Liaising with all Statutory Authorities, individuals and industry bodies to better understand the interactions of the business’s activities with the environment.

Developing an understanding of the implications of the business’s activities on controlling environmental impacts and adopting site practices and procedures which enhance the business’s environmental impact performance which include but are not limited to the management and reduction of waste.

Minimising and where practicable eliminating any environmental impacts on the surrounding community including: ecological, flora, fauna and amenity impacts.

The expectations of everyone involved with G H Fabrications Pty Limited are for the undertaking of duties and operational decisions in such a manner that will incorporate an attitude of anticipation and avoidance of outcomes which may result in needless environmental damage and/or degradation.

Last Reviewed: 28th March 2017
Next Review: 28th March 2018