Machine Doors

Our Machine Doors are available in unrated, 2 PSI rated or 5 PSI rated.  All doors are fitted with a sliding relief panel which can also be locked off in different increments so it can also be used as a regulator.

  • Doors can be manufactured in either 4 quarter panels or 2 half panels, depending on your requirements
  • Designed with a sliding Man Access Door in one panel, the top, and bottom legs are adjustable and the head beam is in one piece
  • Adjustable legs with the header beam in one piece
  • Fitted with a rubber seal flap along the bottom with flat bar to seal. This can be drilled for automation if required.
  • Unrated Machine Doors are fitted with a sliding man access
  • Rated Machine Doors are the same overall design as the unrated version, only heavier material
  • Rated Machine Doors come standard with a hinged man access
  • Fabricated in quarter panels making a neat package that reduces transport costs and fitting problems