Coffin Seals

We manufacture Coffin Seals to suit your supplied structure. Coffin seals are used in underground coal mines to keep the area around the conveyor belt sealed.

With airflow being monitored at all times, coffin seals are the most effective way of sealing the area. We manufacture coffin seals to suit any size conveyor belt and they are designed to have easy, onsite, replaceable wear components. This significantly prolongs the life of the seal and allows the worn components to be replaced after installation, avoiding the need to remove the seal for repair.

  • Cleverly designed to have easily replaceable wear parts
  • Install a new set while the Coffin Seal is in place without removing the original seal
  • Coffin Seals can be self-supporting or bolted onto the structure
  • Removable angles hold the rubber flaps in place
  • Simply unbolt, lift out and drop your new set in