Ancillary Devices

At GH Fabrications we manufacture an enormous variety of ancillary devices, let us know your requirements and our highly skilled team will manufacture it, on time and on budget.

Stopping Poles

Our standard Stopping Poles are 2.2 meters shut, 3.9 meters fully open but can be manufactured to suit any nominated size in both square section and pipe.

Depth Gauges

Our Depth Gauges are manufactured in a multitude of sizes to suit your nominated wall thickness and can be supplied with a plastic plug if required.

Gas Sample Pipes

Standard size is 1050mm long inside – 1250mm overall but can also be made in:

  • 1200mm long inside – 1400mm overall and
  • 1300mm long inside – 1500mm overall

Victaulic Pipes

Victaulic pipes are cast into the stopping of underground mines, which allows water to be drained through them or services such as air pipes to be run through them.

They are commonly constructed from either 100mm (4”) or 150mm (6”) diameter pipe which is then capped and a clamp attached.

Victaulic pipes can be manufactured to any lengths specified and supplied with or without the cap and clamp.

U Tubes/S Traps

U Tubes or S Traps can be manufactured in both 4” (100mm) and 6” (150mm) material and in whatever different configuration is required to suit your needs.