We manufacture a range of Airlocks designed for your specific needs and to suit every style of overcast we supply, ranging from an unrated lightweight style through to 5 PSI rated.

Unrated Airlock to suit an Unrated Overcast

  • Lightweight modular design
  • Transportable in flat pack
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • Low cost – stopping poles with plaster sprayed mesh walls
  • Man access doors can be either unrated, 2 PSI or 5 PSI depending on your requirements

5 PSI Rated Airlock

We have designed our rated Airlocks to be fully manufactured in our workshop, which means that they can be transported underground and bolted into position without any assembly necessary. This design also includes a floor which makes for an easier transition. Standard size is 3.0 x 1.4 x 2.2 meters high.